Wynonna Judd Responds to Rumor That Shes Feuding With Sister Ashley Judd Over Mom Naomi Judds Estate

Wynonna Judd answers gossip that she's quarreling with sister Ashley Judd over mother Naomi Judd's domain by Sophie Shilasi.

Wynonna Judd is drilling down into her relationship with sister Ashley Judd after the passing of her mom.

As recently detailed by ET, Naomi Judd — who passed on from a self-caused gunfire twisted — in April at 76 years old

 - didn't expressly name girls Winona or Ashley in his will.

The late country legend designated Larry Strickland, her better half of over 30 years, as the agent of her domain,

While tales started to surface proposing a break between his renowned girls over the will.

Presently, in a Group interview, Wynonna demands there is "no contention" about the authoritative record or her relationship with Ashley.

The nation vocalist, 58, likewise shared that she and Ashley, 54, will "split" Naomi's domain after Strickland's passing