University Of California, Berkeley Prepares To Offer Nicki Minaj Course In 2023

The College of California, Berkeley is set to respect vocalist rapper Nicki Minaj in a unique manner.

The college intends to present another seminar on Afro-American Examinations, named after the worldwide craftsman, from the spring semester of 2023.

The data was shared on Twitter by the teacher responsible for the course, Harmony and Love L. Henson.

As per the college's Scholarly Aide, the course is named, Nicki Minaj: The Dark Barbie Women's liberation and Hip Bounce Woman's rights.

Love and Harmony L. Henson, a post-doctoral individual on Dark Examinations, feels that the new educational program is a more extensive verifiable

also, will support decisive pondering social designs and Nicki's creations with regards to hip-bounce women's liberation.

A Twitter client named Tamir labeled Nikki in a tweet about a course at the college.