Escaped Giant Tortoise Halts Trains For Two Hours In UK

 A giant tortoise got stuck on train tracks in Norfolk, United Kingdom on Monday

 The Greater Anglia, Rail Company, notified passengers of train delays between Norwich City and Stansted Airport due to wayward turtles

 Greater Anglia reported in a tweet that the train was blocked due to "animals on the railways".

 The presence of the animal was confirmed by a Twitter user

 User Diane Akers posted a picture of the tortoise on the tracks, tagging Greater Anglia later in the afternoon

 She said on her tweet, "There is a giant tortoise on the line off Norwich near Eckles Road that is still alive but injured

 A large wound on the turtle's shell is clearly visible in a photo tweeted by Ms Akers

 He said that the animal is being given medical aid and is making a full recovery.