“Top Gun: Maverick” Makes A Change That Could Anger China

Tom Cruise doesn't seem to be the only Russian-made fighter jet in his remake of the 1986 classic "Top Gun": He's angering China, too.

 Cruise's character in "Top Gun: Maverick" is shown wearing a bomber jacket emblazoned with the Taiwanese flag.

President Tsai Ing-wen's government claims that Taiwan is already a de facto independent nation in need of widespread international recognition..

The flag was either missing or could not be seen properly in the film's trailer in 2019.

prompting some to wonder whether it was removed to meet the demands of China's censors.

But when the full film hit theaters recently, keen observers noted that Flags made a comeback.  Similarly, the Japanese flag was restored.

According to a report by local online media outlet SETN, during an advanced screening in Taiwan,

the audience cheered upon seeing the Taiwanese flag on Cruise's jacket and applauded several times throughout the film.