The Midnight Club Review: Mike Flanagans Latest Netflix Series Is Another Spooky, Heavy Winner

YA proceeds with Flanagan's streak as one of the most steady makers of ghastliness show television

Nobody accomplishes something as weighty as Mike Flanagan.

Productive maker of a significant number of Netflix's excellent repulsiveness series Misery and Family Injury (The Frightful of Slope House),

But his latest, The Midnight Club, breaks the gloomy streak.

 In any case, his most recent, The 12 PM Club, breaks the melancholy streak.

A lively frolic's basically as unwinding as some chamomile tea.

Joking, it's about messes around with disease. Mike Flanagan Creations make you cry however much they alarm you.

That being said, The 12 PM Club is a piece with a lighter, more frightening Gut Estate than the creepy and genuinely pulverizing Slope House and 12 PM Mass.