The House of the Dragon prophecy in episode 9 you may have missed

The closure of Place of the Winged serpent episode 9 was genuinely sudden and emotional,

with the spotlight since justifiably laying on Rhaenys' emotional mythical beast helped escape from Ruler's Arrival.

However, it shouldn't have come as that a very remarkable shock, since we were informed it planned to work out.

The issue was, the words were expressed by a person no one pays attention to.

Alright, we should uphold briefly. Prior in the episode, in the wake of Lord Viserys has (at long last) been affirmed dead,

 Sovereign Alicent goes searching for her child Aegon to let him know that he will be the new lord.

Her most memorable stop is her girl and Aegon's sister/spouse (that's right), Princess Helaena Targaryen.

Princess Helaena, you might bear in mind, is a piece odd.