Taylor Swift announces surprise album 'Midnights' after VMAs

Swiftie, gather! During her acknowledgment discourse for Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift declared she would drop another collection on October 21.

Be that as it may, fans just needed to stand by a brief time frame more to be content with its rush.

Look at the collection in front of their tenth studio collection first and the name of their next magnum opus, Midnights.

The arrival of this collection would check his re-visitation of unique music in two years.

"We awaken in adoration and in dread, in unrest and in tears,"

Taylor wrote in her post reporting the collection. "We gaze at the walls and drink until they talk back.

We crease into our own made enclosures and ask that we - right at the present time - won't commit some deadly life-changing error.

This is an assortment of music composed at 12 PM, an excursion of dread and good night.

The objective we speed up and the devils we face.