Taylor Hawkins’ Son Shane Plays Drums for Tearjerking Cover of “My Hero”: Watch

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 You'd be hard pressed to find a better tribute to the late Taylor Hawkins than a cover of "My Hero."

Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, Shane Hawkins — the son of longtime Foo Fighters drummer — froze

Took a seat behind Kit at the Laguna Beach Block party to perform the 1997 hit.

In a heart-wrenching clip posted on TikTok, you can see teenage Shane sitting on top of a neighborhood terrace, with local Laguna band The Alive.

"When Taylor Hawkins' son gets on drums and dedicates the song 'My Hero' to his father," reads the caption.

"The eagle would have been proud."  Aside from his precise drumming skills, Shane clearly follows his father,

beaming with the same kind of infectious energy that made Taylor so adorable — and,

As the caption of a follow-up clip read, "Didn't have a dry eye at home."