SEBI New Rules: Now there will be no loss in the stock market!

SEBI has made major changes in many rules for stock market investors.

With this, the risk of investors investing in IPOs and mutual funds has now reduced a lot.

SEBI has made rules for proper utilization of the funds raised along with fixing the withdrawal limit and timing of the anchor investors of the IPO.

Securities and Exchange of India increased the lock-in period of anchor investors considered most important for IPOs from 30 days to 90 days

While their withdrawal limit has been fixed up to 50 percent.

Companies raising funds from IPO will now be able to use only 25 percent for in-organic work

Whereas 75 percent of the amount will have to be invested in business expansion.

The lock-in period for promoters holding 20% ​​stake in the IPO has been reduced from three years to 18 months.