He passed on calmly on Thursday evening at his Scottish bequest, where he had burned through the vast majority of the mid year.

The sovereign came to the privileged position in 1952 and saw gigantic social change.

His child Lord Charles III said the passing of his darling mother was a "snapshot of extraordinary bitterness" for himself as well as his loved ones.

What's more, his misfortune will be "profoundly felt" all over the planet.

He said: "We profoundly grieve the death of a treasured sovereign and an extremely dear mother.

"I realize his misfortune will be profoundly felt by endless individuals across nations, domains and the Ward and all over the planet."

During the resulting time of grieving, he said that he and his family "

will be console and supported by our insight into such a generally held regard and profound love of the Sovereign."

Buckingham Royal residence said the Ruler and his better half Camilla, presently the Sovereign's Partner, will get back to London on Friday.