Megyn Kelly slams Jennifer Lopez, Shakira for Super Bowl performance

Megyn Kelly thought Jennifer Lopez and Shakira wore such outfits

Joe was extremely beguiling during the vocalists' presentation at the Super Bowl halftime show a long time back.

"I object to J. Lo and Shakira showing their vaginas at the Super Bowl," the previous early evening star of Fox News said on her digital broadcast Friday. "As I don't need that."

Kelly observed this issue while talking about ladies "embracing their bodies."

"That would be the legitimate circumstance," she told her visitor, jokester Bridget Fatassi.

"Yet, I truly wouldn't fret just ladies embracing their bodies or showing their bodies like pictures."

Kelly appreciated previous supermodel Paulina Porizkova, 57-year-old widow of late Vehicles frontman Rick Okacek,

who has been dynamic via virtual entertainment, posting photos of her bare or less dressed body as an approach to embracing maturing.