Lewis Hamilton backs protests but Mercedes question methods

The motorists said they supported the cause of protesters protesting on environmental issues following a track irruption at the British Grand Prix.

 But he questioned the styles chosen after a group opposing global oil painting use sat straight after the race began in Wellington, Silverstone.

Mercedes motorist Lewis Hamilton said" Grow up the protesters.

" I love that people are fighting for the earth and we need further people like them."

His Mercedes platoon said" Lewis was probative of his right to protest, but not the way he'd chosen, which compromised the safety of him and others."

 Hamilton latterly wrote on Instagram" Please do not go to our race circuit to protest, we do not want to harm you."

A group of people, wearing T- shirts protesting global oil painting use, drove buses at low speed and headed straight towards Wellington, before being removed by police.

 The race was red flagged after a major accident on the opening stage.

Contending, which started at 1500 BST, proceeded an hour latterly, when Ferrari motorist Carlos Sainz took his first F1 palm in the race.

 Sainz said that he also supports the cause of the protesters, but didn't support it the way he chose to state it.