Heres Whoopi Goldbergs Casting Wish List For Sister Act 3

Sound the horns, set off the firecrackers! "Sister Act 3" is drawing closer! Believe it or not,

everybody's most out of control film dream appears to at long last be materializing: Whoopi Goldberg will wear the propensity by and by.

"Sister Act" is the tale of a Reno relax vocalist who gets placed into witness security in a San Francisco cloister.

This ludicrous and apparently dull lost and forsaken soul arrangement really fits a shockingly interesting and sincere film.

Crowds concurred, as "Sister Act" was one of the best comedies of the '90s, producing a continuation only one year after the fact and, surprisingly, a Broadway show.

Presently, after several evident premature moves, it seems another expansion to the "Sister Act" establishment is coming,

over twenty years after the first film. While past bits of gossip showed that Goldberg wouldn't be involved,

 it appears to be that this time she is completely ready and energetic about the new film.