Dua Lipa's Favourite Eye Makeup Look

In a marvel world where the no cosmetics pattern keeps on overwhelming, Dua Lipa's cosmetics tasteful sticks out.

Her methodology is high-energy, strong, and energetic, particularly with regards to eye cosmetics.

The looks are more will be more: Think pearl emphasizes, blasts of sparkles, and astonishing pinks.

These dynamic, head-turning cosmetics looks accomplish a similar work as her music

they're the two mediums used to communicate what makes her interesting and offer a getaway to a liberal,

beyond ridiculous dreamland. Continue to look to look at some of Dua Lipa's best cosmetics looks also as the items you can use to reproduce them at home.

Settle on shimmery lavenders and clear purples to make a technicolor second on your covers.

Keep the remainder of your face straightforward with a lightweight skin color and a naked gleam