Draymond Green Reacts To Getting Benched in Fourth Quarter Against Celtic

Draymond Green was unexpectedly benched during four crucial minutes of the fourth quarter against the Boston Celtics in Game 4

While Green was benched and was unhappy with the decision

he was ultimately happy with the outcome - a Warriors win.

Everyone wants to talk about benching me from 7 and a half minute mark to the 3 and a half minute mark min mark

Make no mistake, Draymond Green was extremely frustrated with the decision to bench him in the fourth quarter.

It took many words of encouragement from numerous teammates to calm Green down before he checked back into the game.

"Was I pissed off and frustrated," Green said. "Absolutely. Seven minutes to go in an extremely important game,

we can't go down 3-1 and I don't want to go to down 3-1, and I'm coming out of the game.