After Joy Behar’s face-plant, The View unveils new set update

The arrangement of ABC's "The View" has recently divulged another security highlight.

In Spring, co-have Satisfaction Behar took a terrible spill in the air while endeavoring to mount her "perilous" turn seat toward the start of the episode.

Quick forward to September 6: The new seats have appeared on the splendidly lit stage.

Rather than the old butt-hotter - which had a turn base and were outstandingly high - the refreshed seating position is totally different.

At Tuesday's Season 26 debut, the old stool was supplanted with four tall legs, a square seat and

The protected along the back of the side was supplanted with stable ones.

The back seats had a spinning pad with only one long leg.

During the Walk 3 episode, Behr, 79, was strolling in front of an audience toward the beginning of the live show when she contacted her seat.