Brad Johnson actor Dies at 62

The actor and former Marlboro Man, who had a recreating part on Melrose Place, failed of COVID- 19 in February. 

" The Marlboro Man was a institution in American culture. For the longest time he was on the same position as 007," 

Johnson reflected about his position in navigator- stained American myth for MEL Magazine in 2019. 

 He confessed, still, that he noway was a smoker." I lit a million of them, however," he said. 

He starred contrary Danny Glover and Willem Dafoe in John Milius's Flight of the meddler in 1991 

" Brad greatly enjoyed perfecting and enhancing land, in a way that maintained and admired its natural beauty. 

s much as he loved cowboying, hunting and land, Brad loved nothing further than his family," his family said in a statement.