Bodycam video shows cops dragging Marshawn Lynch

Police bodycam video shows former NFL star Marshawn Lynch being dragged from his vehicle before he fell to the ground during his DUI arrest earlier this week.

Lynch was in his parked car, asleep and smelling of alcohol when Las Vegas police officers found him in his damaged sports car, the Associated Press reported.

The video shows the former Seattle Seahawks running back at first speaking to cops, but when he is asked to step out of the vehicle, Lynch refuses — leaving them no choice but to forcibly remove him from the car.

“What’s the problem? The car’s not on, the car’s not going,” Lynch is heard assuring an officer.

“Right now, if you don’t get out of the vehicle, you’re going to be charged with obstructing an investigation,” an officer tells him. “That is a criminal offence and you will go to jail.”

When Lynch asks, “What kind of obstructing,” the officer responds, “There’s not different kinds. There’s only one kind: Failure to obey a lawful order by an officer is obstructing.”

He is then yanked from the car, which Lynch strangely told cops he stole.