Anne Heche Critically Injured After Crashing Into a House

Actress Anne Heche was seriously injured Friday autumn after crashing a vehicle into a home, it has been reported.  

According to TMZ, the Six Days Seven Nights actress was taken down by ambulance on a stretcher after the auto burst into dears following the crash.

Wtinesses told the outlet that the star was driving a blue Mini Cooper which crashed into the garage of an apartment complex.  

residers of the complex reportedly tried to get Heche out of the vehicle, but she reversed the auto and sped off.

Unfortunately, the star also crashed into the forenamed house, also leaving severe damage to the house.  

According to ABC 7 news, officers arrived at the scene and were met with a" well- involved" fire. " When we arrived on scene,

we had a solo vehicle that appeared to be driving at a high rate of speed on a vertical road and launched through the front yard 

into the home," said Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Erik Scott.