4.1 tremor shakes East Sound

A 4.1 size seismic tremor was accounted for in the East Cove 2.5 to 3.7 miles north-northwest of Sound Point, as per the U.S. Geographical Study.

The tremor, which occurred at 5:07 a.m., has been felt as far west as Burlingame on the Landmass and San Francisco's Sea Ocean side,

 "Expect remaining postponements of 10-MIN systemwide," the organization expressed. Around 10 minutes after the fact this was modified to a brief postponement.

As indicated by the US Geographical Review, a 4.1-size quake struck close to Sound Point on Thursday morning.

  The USGS said the shake was focused around 3.6 miles northwest of Sound Point and around 6.2 miles northwest of Pittsburgh,

The quakes were felt by a lot of people in the Sound Region, from as far north as Fairfield as far west as Half Moon Cove as far south as San Jose.

The tremor's starting point was on the Harmony Green Valley Shortcoming, and it had a profundity of almost 12 miles, as per USGS information.