सुजस पत्रिका 2022 PDF, Sujas Rajasthan free download pdf

Rajasthan Sujas is a monthly magazine published by the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR), Government of Rajasthan, which is a magazine of the government’s planning and major work. Rajasthan Sujas is important for the recruitment of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Sujas of Rajasthan Government is published only in Hindi, it is not published in English medium.

Sujas Rajasthan download PDF

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Q.1 In which languages ​​Rajasthan Sujas Patrika is available?

Rajasthan Sujas is officially published in Hindi language only.

Q.2 Where can I read Rajasthan Sujas in English?

Rajasthan Sujas is published in Hindi language only, its English version is not available.

Q.3 Who publishes Rajasthan Sujas Patrika?

Information and Public Relations Department (DIPR) publishes Rajasthan Sujas Patrika.

Q.4 Is Rajasthan Sujas Patrika useful for preparing for RPSC – RAS exams?

Rajasthan Sujas Patrika contains the details of various government schemes, programs. The main objective of Sujas is to provide information about the functioning of the state government. Hence Rajasthan Sujas Patrika is useful for the preparation of RPSC – RAS Exams.

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