It's official: Elon Musk is set to acquire Twitter for $44 billion

In one of the world's greatest arrangements in the tech world, very rich person Elon Musk

The arrangement will see Musk procure the informal organization for around $44 billion

with shares esteemed at $54.20. Musk had declared his takeover bid on April 14,

Free discourse is the bedrock of a working majority rules

Twitter is the advanced town square where matters imperative to the eventual fate of mankind are discussed.

I likewise need to improve
Twitter than any time in recent memory by upgrading the item with new highlights,

IMaking the calculations open source to increment trust, overcoming the spam bots,

Twitter has huge potential - I anticipate working with the organization and the local area of clients to open

Musk said in a press proclamation presented on his Twitter account once the arrangement was affirmed.

Be that as it may, his bid at first saw Twitter's set up a 'death wish protection'

In any case, when Musk declared that he had gotten financing

the board went into dealings with the Tesla fellow benefactor. As indicated by Wall Street Journal,

deals of his proposition" and furthermore settled on video decisions to them to push for his case.

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