Project management

what is Project

1. project is a plan something that will happen in the future
2. a piece of work in which the people has to collect information about a specific subject and then write about it

  • project management is the discipline of organising and managing resources in such a way that the project is completed within defined scope quality time and cost constraints.
    A project is a temporary and one time endeavours undertaken to create a unique product or service which brinks about beneficial change or added value

Project planning

  • Planning begins with well defined objectives
  • Project definition involves identifying the controllable and uncontrollable variables involved and establishing project boundaries
  • Project planning is a part of project management which relates to the use of schedules sach as garnt charts to plan and subsequently report progress with project management

Challenges of project management

The first challenge of project management is to make sure that a project is delivered within a defined constraints
The second more abilities is optimised allocation and integration of inputs needed to meet predefined objectives

project management step

The project scope is defined and the appropriate methods for completing the projects are determined

  • following this step the duration of the various tasks necessary to complete the work are listed and grouped into a work breakdown structure
  • The logical dependencies between tasks are defined using an activity network diagram that enables identification of critical path. flate or sleep time in the schedule can be calculated using project management software
  • Then the necessary resources in the estimated cost for each activity can be allotted to eat resources giving the total project cost
  • At this stage project plan may be optimised to achieve the appropriate balance between resource uses in project duration to to comply with project objectives
  • Once established and agreed the plan becomes what is known the baseline progress will be measured against the baseline throughout the life of the project analysing progress compared to the baseline is known as earned value management

Gantt charts

Gannt chart is a principal to used in scheduling and also in some methods of loading this chat was originated by the American engineer Henry L. Gannt and consists of a simple rectangular grid divided by Shri job parallel horizontal and vertical lines

Network analysis

Routing is the first step in production planning. Small projects routing is very simple sequence of operations is almost decided and the operations can be e performed one after the other in a given sequence but large project this is a a difficult problem there may be more than one route to complete a job. The function of of production manager is to find out the path which text the the least time in completing the project.

In Big project Mani duties or performed simultaneously. De raha money activities which can be we started only e after completion open other activities. In such cases throught study is required to collect them complete details about the project and then to find out in new, better and quicker vin to get the work done in a decent way.

Network is a picture of a project ,a map of requirements tracing the work from a departure point to the final completion. It can be a collection of AV the detail world for only a gross outline of general functions

Important characteristics in a network analysis

  • Objective to finished within specified time otherwise penalty various activities are are to be completed in order
  •  Various activities are to be e completed in order
  • Cost of any activity is propositional it’s time of completion
  • There can be hurdles in process and resources to be allocated may be limited
  • Important concepts of network diagram
  •  A network can be considered as a means of graphical depicting all the operations involved in a project. When a network is constructed then is essential to maintain the relationship between various activities at the project
  • Some of the concepts is network drawing start with defining some of the key terminology of network these are
    predecessor activity
    Successor activities
    Concurrent activities
    All activity must begin and end with event nodes
    Merge event
    Brust event
    Merge and brust event
    Dummy activity
    The father of project method is kilpatrick

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