how to improve face skin

how to improve face skin

Many types of pulses are utilized in mines in our homes, of which Masoor Dal is taken into account very nutritious. Many nutritious ingredients are found in plenty in lentil lentils, which are very beneficial for health also because the skin, so during the time of lentil, lentil ku dal has been used tons in cosmetics. allow us to skills you’ll increase facial beauty with lentils.

Lentil, honey and turmeric facepack

If skin-related problems are developing on your face, then mix lentil lentils with honey and turmeric powder and make them scrub like. Now mix some water in it and apply it on the face. this may eliminate dead skin sales. and therefore the skin will recover .

Lentils and burn plant gel

Applying a paste made from burn plant gel and lentil lentils on the face, the spots become gradually lighter. This also ends the dark circles falling under the eye

Lentils and eggs

to form face glow, make a paste by mixing 2 teaspoons of lentil lentil powder and one albumen yolk during a vessel. Mix one spoon juice and 1 tbsp milk in it and apply it on the face daily. you’ll get good results soon.

Lentils and Peanuts

If you’re troubled by the matter of acne or pimples, then lentil and peanut powder can offer you comfort. For this you set both this stuff during a pot and prepare a paste. Apply it on the face sort of a scrub. Soon the matter of pimples will start to be overcome.

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