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continents of the world | 7 continents of the world

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1. Asia continent

The world’s largest continent by area, more than 60% of the world’s population resides in Asia.

Asia’s highest peak is Mount Everest with a height of 8848 meters
The maximum temperature here is 54 °C in Tirat-Svi Israel and the minimum temperature is -68 °C in Verkhoyansk.
The largest lake in Asia is the Caspian Sea and the deepest lake is Lake Baikal.
The longest river in Asia is the Chang Jiang, about 6300 km.
Masinram Meghalaya India is the place with the highest rainfall in Asia.
Biggest Delta Sundarban Delta
Tibet is the highest plateau in Asia, which is called the roof of the world.
China is the largest country in Asia by area.

2. Africa continent

Africa is the second largest continent in the world, there are 53 countries in Africa, whose number is the largest among all the continents. David Livingstone and HM Stanley discovered the central part of Africa and they called Africa the dark continent dark continent

Africa’s highest peak – Kilimanjaro 5895 m Tanzania
The highest temperature in Africa is 58 °C in Al Azizia Libya and the lowest temperature is -24 °C in Ifrane Morocco.
The largest island in Africa, Madagascar is 587041 square kilometres.
Lake Victoria is the largest lake in the continent of Africa.
The longest river in Africa is the Nile River, with a total length of 6650 km.
The world’s largest Sahara desert is in the continent of Africa itself.
The largest country in the continent of Africa in area is Sudan and the largest population is Nigeria.
Africa produces 95% of the world’s diamonds
Africa’s largest waterfall is Victoria

3. North America continent

The world’s third largest continent in area is the world’s 2 largest countries Canada and the United States are part of this continent.

Mount McKinley is the highest peak in North America.
The maximum temperature in North America is 57 °C in Death Valley, California, and the minimum temperature is minus 66 °C in Northern Greenland.
The longest river in North America, the Mississippi Missouri, is 3751 kilometers long and the longest is Lake Superior.
The largest deep in North America is the Greenland Deep.
There are 50 states in the United States and the major cities of the United States are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston.

4. South America continent

South America is the fourth largest continent in the world. South America is known for Amazon River, Andes Mountains, World Linear Evergreen Forests.

Aconcagua is the highest peak in South America.
The Andes, the longest mountain range in the world, is located in South America.
The highest temperature in South America is 49 °C in Rivadavia and the lowest is minus 33 °C in Sarmiento Argentina.
The largest island in South America is Terra del Fuego.
The largest lake in South America is Maracaibo.
The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls.
The Iquique Atacama Desert is the driest place in the world.
The Amazon River is the largest river in South America and the second largest in the world.

5. Antarctica continent

The continent of Antarctica is entirely in the Southern Hemisphere. Antarctica means the opposite of the Arctic. Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in the world by area.

This continent does not have a coastal plain, most of the world’s ice is on this continent.
The continent has abundant reserves of gold, copper, nickel, platinum, petroleum.
The highest peak (peak) of Antarctica is Vision Massif.
The longest range in Antarctica is the TransAntarctic Mountains.

6. Europe continent

Europe is the sixth largest continent in the world by area. Europe is the second largest populated continent in the world.

Europe is also called the continent of the elderly.
The highest peak in Europe is Elbrus Peak
The longest mountain range in Europe is the Ural Mountains.
Russia is the most populous country in Europe.

7. Australia continent

Australia is the smallest continent in the world.
The highest peak of Australia is Mount Ko Sisco.
Australia’s maximum temperature is 23 °C in Borough, New South Wales, and a minimum temperature of -12 °C in Canberra.
The longest mountain range in Australia is the Great Dividing Range.
The Tropic of Capricorn cuts the continent of Australia into almost two equal parts.
The largest lake is Lake Eyre.
The longest river is the Murray River.


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