योग के फायदे 2021 5 Benefits of Yoga 2022

Benefits of yoga for students, Benefits of Yoga 2022, Benefits of yoga in daily life

If a person is physically and mentally healthy, then that person is the luckiest person in the world. Because health is such a thing, if it is right then everything is right and if the person is mentally and physically unwell then he is always unhappy and stressed. That is why it is very important to do yoga daily

What is Yoga

The word yoga originates from the Sanskrit word yuj which literally means to join. Yoga is science which teaches the art of living. It is physical activity based on science. It’s not just exercise. Yoga is the way to live life in the right way, it will make our life positive So let’s know the benefits of yoga

Benefits of yoga

1. Yoga keeps the mind calm

According to medical researches, yoga keeps man physically and mentally healthy. Yoga is a boon for human life, it removes stress and keeps the face glowing. By doing yoga, the appetite becomes good and digestion is good and sleep is also good. If you do yoga everyday in the morning, it keeps your body and mind as well as your brain healthy. Yoga gives relief in headache problem

2. Yoga increases immunity

Doing yoga daily increases the power to fight diseases and the body does not become ill. Yoga makes the body healthy and healthy. Doing yoga increases immunity. So that you are always healthy and fresh Yoga removes the negative thoughts of our body and gives us positive thinking

3. Blood sugar control is done through yoga

Yoga is very beneficial for patients with diabetes, doing yoga helps control blood sugar.Yoga is very beneficial for patients with diabetes. Doing yoga helps control blood sugar and it also reduces the increased blood sugar level. Yoga can be done by anyone of any age. Yoga makes a person healthy.

4. Doing yoga controls weight

Yoga reduces body fat and makes a person feet. By doing yoga, the muscles of the body are strengthened, which makes the person feel good throughout the day. Doing yoga relieves the problem of gas

5. blood flow

Yoga affects the blood flow a lot. By doing yoga, the blood flows smoothly, due to which the oxygen reaches the body in a sufficient amount and keeps the body healthy. Metabolism can be improved by yoga

Type of yoga

There are mainly four types of yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Knowledge yoga.

1. Raj yoga

Raj Yoga is considered the king of all yogas, meditation is important in this, Patanjali has given 8 parts of this yoga.

  • Meditation
  • Yama (swearing)
  • Pranayama (breathing control)
  • Rule (self discipline)
  • Pratyahara (control of the senses)
  • Samadhi (liberation from shackles or union with God)
  • Perception (concentration)
  • Posture

2. Knowledge yoga

Jnana yoga is considered to be the sum of wisdom; Jnana yoga is considered to be the most difficult. By this yoga, the darkness of the mind is removed.

3. Bhakti Yog

There is a description of the path of devotion in it, Bhakti Yoga can be done by any person and at any age.

4. Karma yoga

Everyone does this yoga. The principle of Karma Yoga is that the person who experiences today changes from our actions in the past

Karma yoga is the path to service. This yoga is best for family members

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